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Corporate Offsite

Do you have a corporate off-site coming up? Our experts can help make your next corporate off-site or corporate retreat a wonderful experience for your team. With one point of contact, your complete off-site can be designed, managed and executed with precision.

The procedure:

How It Works:

Here is how we work with you to set up your company retreat with 5 simple steps;

Step 1: Venue booking:

The first step towards ensuring a successful meeting is selecting a perfect venue which suits the needs of your meeting. You get to choose from our wide range of venue options with comprehensive rates. We will be booking the venue as per your requirement in the area you wish to do the off-site.

Step 2:  Conceptualize your business meet / conference:

From preparing the stage, technicals and other requirements of your meeting / conference, we design and conceptualize your event. You also get to choose from our various setup options. Providing the best technical team and equipment ensures flawless event.

Step 3: Courses or Lectures Offered:

The third important step that ensures that your employees are inspired / motivated is through the lectures or trainings that our facilitators design. Our various courses / lectures will make it easy for you to decide the kind of training for your team. Our facilitators are experts at designing results-based, proven programs based on your needs. We have programs for all the hirarchy of an organization, whether it's a sales team or group of senior members you will have a highly interactive, well-organized curriculum. 

Step 4: Do Team Building Activities:

We also organize team building activities to unplug your employees and engage amongst each other. Our team building activities are amusing, entertaining and productive in nature.

Step 5: Entertainment:

Last but not the least, it's time for entertainment. After a complete day exercise, your team gets to rejuvenate on the music and entertainment programme designed for them. The entertainment can be as per theme or by choice.

Phase 1: Needs Profile

We start off by getting to understand your company needs and goals for the retreat. We do this through our “Company Needs Profile”. This will key us into your company dynamics, corporate mission and group values. This is also where we decide what time frame your company would like:

  • 1/2 Day

  • Full Day

  • 2 Day

  • 3 Day

Phase 2: Proposal

We will work with your profile to design a curriculum for your group and select the right tools and activities to meet your goals. We will then craft a proposal for you to approve.


Phase 3: In Action

Once the curriculum is in place we put it into action and begin the pre-training preparation. Our trainers then come to your company or offsite location to kickstart the retreat!

Skills Learned:

Our facilitators are experts at designing results-based, proven programs based on your needs. Whether you are a sales team or group of executives you will have a highly interactive, well-organized curriculum. We have a range of tools and engaging methodologies, but here are some of our most popular topics:

  • Organizational Development Trainings

  • Leadership trainings

  • Motivational Training

  • HDBI: Herman Brain Dominance Influence

  • Talent Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Unconcious bias

  • Women initiative network (WIN Committee)

  • Work ethics
    and more...Find out our offered courses by contacting us on the email below.


Want more information? Email us about your corporate retreat:

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